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Be your own best friend first.

Be your own best friend first.

If your reflection could speak, what would she say about your relationship with her?
"Oh, Dear One, where did we go wrong? Why do you speak to me like this?
You sit in front of me and critique every last inch."
"You're too fat! Look at those lumps. That's chocolate cake from last night. No wonder no one loves you!"
And on and on it goes, the abuse!
Does this sound familiar? Sad, but true for many of us.
Instead, consider how you speak to your best friend. Most of us lavish our loved ones with care, concern, and compliments. We overlook their imperfections and defend their honor. That's what best friends do for each other.
So why are we so cruel to our Self? I say, let's stop the abuse!
You were born with Self.
You will die with Self.
You will spend every living, breathing moment with Self.
Your relationship with Self is your single most important one. Treat her with respect. Try to understand her. Encourage her efforts and be accountable to her goals. And most of all, give her unconditional love. She is doing her best.
Treat your Self like a best friend and watch your life change.
Have you ever looked deeply into your own eyes? I know, it sounds funny and slightly narcissistic. But really, have you ever tried?
In your journey to loving Self, you need to become acquainted with her. So give it a try: Sit quietly in front of the mirror and gaze into your reflection. It might take practice to meet your own gaze. But study those eyes lovingly like she is your lover.
Its uncomfortable at first! (But why is that?) Find a way to bridge the awkward gap. Learn to see you for who you are. Find your truth. Speak kindly as you gaze. Ask her what she needs from you, and promise to deliver.
If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again! Spend a moment or two every day, sitting with your Self. After a while, as you give her the confidence and love that she craves, your reflection will soften, opening up to your gaze. Oh, the things you will learn then! Oh, the joy that awaits when you learn to love your Self! ~Kat
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