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You gotta let go to move on.

You gotta let go to move on.

What's true on the playground is still truth in our life experience.
Remember playing on the monkey bars? As a child, I would joyfully swing bar to bar. With a carefree attitude, crawling the length of the jungle gym and back again.
I tried it again recently and it didn't go very well. I found myself hesitating when it came time to release my grip from one bar to the next. After a couple, I lost my momentum and dropped to the ground unsuccessful.
I wondered why I failed as an adult at something I used to love as a kid.
Upon review, I realized that my hesitation inhibited momentum. All I thought about was my grip, or lack thereof. Hanging on for dear life became more important than moving forward. And because of that, I fell... somewhat relieved that I wasn't struggling but disappointed in my failure.
How often do we cling to the "status quo" instead of grabbing the next opportunity for growth and change?
What have we missed because of our insistence on control? And when we focus on our tight grip, hesitate, missing the golden convergence of opportunity and action?
How can we replace resistance and hesitation with childlike play ... FAITH in our inner wisdom that recognizes opportunity exactly when we are to take action on it?
The key to moving forward is not in our grip on the "here and now" but in our willingness to RELEASE it, free of worry or fear.
And in the act of SURRENDER, we allow forward motion.
And in that forward motion, we activate manifestation of our goals. And change becomes easy and quick and certain. ~KAt
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