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The delightful details of a piece of Kat's fine art featured at Van Der Plas Gallery in NYC.

The delightful details of a piece of Kat's fine art featured at Van Der Plas Gallery in NYC.

I was invited to participate in an Autumn themed art exhibit in the Van Der Plas Gallery in New York City.
The painting, “Autumn’s Moon,” is a peaceful, yet mystical painting, but there is more to see if you look deeper!
Autumn is the season when plant life dies back, and winter seems to be a time of inactivity but that is when plant life is actually very active! Trees shift their growth to their root systems, becoming stronger and deeper for the next seasons of spring and summer.
In this painting, Mother Moon beams down upon her earth, glowing lovingly upon the golden harvest. The trees reach up to become one with her, their trunks taking on the appearance of braids – symbolizing the intertwining of death, rebirth, and inevitability of nature’s seasons and its benign attachment to each phase. The stars in the sky represent the infinite order of the universe.
In the tree, we find a single cardinal. This red bird is a messenger from the afterlife, letting us know that there is life “beyond.” The intent fox beseeches us to “learn” the lessons we are given. Underneath the tree, a tiny chipmunk rests after wisely storing up food to hold him through the upcoming winter. And within the roots, we find sleeping faces, which draws attention to the wisdom of rooting deeper.
We can learn from nature! LOVE all the seasons of our life by embracing growth in every opportunity! By having FATIH in the order of life, and the inevitability of personal evolution, we too can become stronger, wiser, more “one” with the universe. ~Kat
More details to note: I hand made the rustic frame from reclaimed wood and screws (that my dad collected throughout his life which I now use to create beautiful things like this), here is a detail of the corner construction. As a "hidden" extra bonus, I included a poem on the back. I am happy to say that it quickly found a home during the show.
I wrote this poem on the back of the frame
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