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A look at HerStory; The Captain of Her Own Ship. Part 1

A look at HerStory; The Captain of Her Own Ship. Part 1

I began to write this story several years ago not as an autobiography, just a regular little story, and it sat unfinished. It really took flight, however, when I decided I needed a more creative “about the artist” page on my website. And although it is a tale of my personal evolution, I feel my “HerStory” is a valuable topic to share because the general storyline is so relevant to many women of our time.
“The Captain of Her Own Ship” is a story about the American female, society’s influences on her self-identity and the dangers associated with challenging “collective ideals.” It is about rising above the fears, taking command of her circumstances and creating a life on her own terms, unapologetically.
Like most of my artwork and stories, it is filled with meanings and details. Here begins a 3-part series dissecting its layered messages.
Part 1: Symbolism of HerStory
The Ship...
is a metaphor for our life. It contains all that we choose to experience in it. Whether we build a mighty ship or shabby little rowboat, it is of our own making. We determine if it’s glorious or horrendous, we pick its paint, shape, baggage and personage. We continue to shape our craft throughout our life. Because of this, the full view of her ship is not visible until the last spread. As she leaves it at the end, the ship remains behind as her legacy.
The Kraken
This creepy character represents fear and shadow aspect of the laws of attraction. Society has a maligned view of the “divorcee” (or any woman choosing an alternative lifestyle). Traditional religion scorns her. Without proper emotional and spiritual support, women are put in a disadvantaged position when they are cast aside, and fear can take over.
We must not blame the kraken, but rather understand the lesson he is teaching. When we allow our energy to be weak, we attract similar vibrations. When the fair maiden ran away from her troubles, the kraken advanced. But when she confronted her challenges, she gained strength and became a pirate.
Troubled Waters
If you have ever travelled by boat through a storm, you can relate the sickening, topsy-turvy effect of seasickness. Life in upheaval feels very similar.
Throughout the whole story, deep blue waves of emotions are prominent; from the little river at the beginning to the crashes of anxiety in the middle, to the blissful reflections at the end.
The Bubble
The domed nest of the fair maiden was intended to keep her protected, but it was also prohibited her from learning the important skills necessary to take command of her life. Society’s pressures, like the dome, may be invisible yet she feels its limits. And like a bird kept in a small cage, a young girl confined never learns to test her own wings, to trust her own resolve and learn how to fly on her own.
Until of course, she begins to believe in herself. And then, take flight! ~Kat
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