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Answers become clear when you ask the right questions.

Answers become clear when you ask the right questions.

The journey was long and the paths meandered aimlessly. She paused for a moment to catch her breath. The road she was traveling was forked ahead. One direction led her into the forest, the other high above on a mountain range.
Which way would be better?
“I know myself,” she thought “My soul longs for the deep, mossy alcoves of the forest. Deep and dark. But it's there that I have gotten lost before.”
She considered the other path. It was steeper, rockier and more strenuous. Its hairpin pattern would take her to the mountain top. But the sign warned her that it was dangerous and many have failed in their efforts to reach the peak.
“But for those that make it to the top,” she pondered, “The view! To reach the peak in that direction is no ordinary journey.”
What path, she wondered. Unique experiences, different destinations. She closed her eyes to connect to her soul’s all-knowing center to ask for assistance from the Wise One.
“Take out your journal,” the Wise One instructed, “and write out 100 questions about yourself.
And so she began to write. The questions came slowly at first, but as she went deeper, they poured out.
What do I truly enjoy?
What are my true strengths?
Where does my imagination go to naturally, without prodding?
How do I share myself?
What does success feel like?
What does success look like?
What path provides this to me?
And with this long list of questions, an amazing clarification began to settle in her heart. Her mind’s eye began to see. Her all-knowing center knew her path.
If you are stuck and don’t know what to do, don’t search for the answer – instead start by asking questions. A lot of questions. Go deep and wide.
Dig! Excavate all of your wonderings.
Don’t stop asking yourself questions until you run out of space. Review your questions; look for patterns of thought, secret wishes, common themes. It’s a worthwhile exercise if you desire clarification, as the answer will be found – I promise you – within your ponderings. ~Kat
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