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A look at Part 2: The Icons of HerStory

A look at Part 2: The Icons of HerStory

Study a person’s face, you can read the story of their life… is it lined by frowns or smiles or perfectly stretched in a mask of plastic surgery? I wish we proudly displayed our wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars that tell our tale with honesty. Realness is not smoothly pressed, it is messy and flawed and nicked up… but I believe there is so much beauty in the patina of a “life well lived!”
So, you will notice the fair maiden collects facial decoration as she confronts situational challenges. Instead of showing her aging throughout the story, I chose to represent them with beautiful icons of HerStory.
NOTE: Since its kind of an autobiography, I flip from first- to third-person, to explain the story in more relevant detail.
Third Eye
I believe we have inborn intuition which takes shape through our upbringing. We inherit our relationship with it from our parents and its impacted by our life experiences. Like many of us, my intuition was decommissioned along the way. I was raised to abdicate my power to others who “knew best” - caregivers, religion, and even women’s magazines that I loved to read. “Good girls” did not do certain things, and especially did not question authority. As my story goes, I learned to challenge the very ideals meant to define/confine me and in doing so rediscovered a much stronger, more “real” connection to my truth, soul and the universe.
Break Free
This icon represents inspiration to break out of damaging patterns of abuse, bad habits, or even limiting thoughts. When we find ourselves in a rut, going “round and around” but never making progress, then we must find the motivation to change course. For me, I found the courage to make change when I realized that my children would shape their own ideals of self-identity, aspirations, and relationship goals by what they witnessed. If not for my own happiness, I determined I must model the correct behavior that I wished for their life choices. Change is easier when we understand our “why.”
Take Flight
For all women who courageously forge their own futures, I share this beautiful bird’s imagery. At some point, we all need to break free of society’s grip to stay complacent and conformed. Watch a bird take flight… it is a graceful act of strength… they simply go! When its time to leave, many of us get bogged down with fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Instead, let’s remember the most important element is action!
We need to DO what we say we want.  ~Kat
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