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Kat Gottlieb,  professional biography

Kat Gottlieb, professional biography

Kat Gottlieb is an American-based namesake brand founded in 2018 whose purpose is to inspire and motivate. With exuberant Bohemian-chic artwork style and empowering messages, Kat Gottlieb brand shares personal development, self-help and other mind-body-spirit concepts in an easy-to-understand, approachable way to positively impact the world by encouraging others to live their most authentic life.
Kathleen Gottlieb is the artist and writer behind the brand. Since her father introduced “positive thinking” books to her as a young child, Gottlieb has been keenly interested in the psyche and the soul, and of crafting one’s own unique definition of success and happiness. Her entrepreneurial spirit was ignited.
In 1988, she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh and began her career in graphic design. By the age of 27, she became an independent contractor. With a great talent for understanding her clientele, she built a very successful business. In her mid 30’s Gottlieb went through a divorce and it was during these dark and difficult times that she discovered a passion for helping others through similar life-changing moments. “When the heart breaks, it’s painful – yes – but it’s also open to new growth,” Gottlieb muses. Indeed for her, in 2005 she met her soulmate and second husband, Brian.
In 2008, Gottlieb founded her own firm, KatBlu Art & Design, internationally sought after for exquisitely crafted artwork and specialty printing for major events such as the Grammys and upscale weddings. KatBlu also licensed artwork to mass-market home décor and stationery brands.
The business was acquired in 2013, and Gottlieb shifted her focus to develop the brand image of Tundraland Home Improvements, which she and her husband founded. Together, they have crafted a highly successful business model, “Do Well and Do Good,” which means that a company can do well financially and give back generously to the community at the same time. This philanthropic philosophy drives every decision of this remarkable, award-winning company.
In 2017, she returned to her soulful creative roots, melding her love of art with her passion for understanding the inner journey of the mind and the spirit of achievement. Kat Gottlieb the brand has an impressive following on social media with several books, journals, and other motivational projects under way for 2020.
In her personal time Gottlieb lives a purpose-driven life with her husband, six adult children, two dogs, and three previously wild mustang horses. She also enjoys organic gardening and physically challenging herself with endurance sporting events.
Discover more on instagram: @KatGottlieb
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