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The 6 Keys to Manifesting Your Best Every Day!

The 6 Keys to Manifesting Your Best Every Day!

I believe the mind is a magical thing. It is far more complex and capable than most of us realize. I also believe in manifesting; not as some kind of hocus-pocus gimmick, but rather a result of applying energy and focus intentionally in the direction of our goals and aspirations.
Kat's 6 Keys to Manifesting Your Best™ Everyday
Most of us are unaware of our thought patterns. Our minds are like a nonstop chatter of ideas, judgements, assumptions. But, how often do we stop to consider whether our thought patterns affect our ability to believe in and achieve our goals? What have we been told or how do we hold onto beliefs that hinder us from achieving our greatest potential? How much of this is simply a habit of thinking?
You have the personal power to change your way of thinking! You can decide to eliminate self-limiting thoughts or opinions that hold you back. Our minds have an unlimited capacity to create our reality if we understand how we impact it by what we CHOOSE to see and believe (especially about ourself).
If we want good things and opportunities, we have to believe that we are capable and worthy of them, and that there are good opportunities within our reach.
You can learn how to train your mind to be more positive by intentionally identifying the positive. As you manage your thoughts you will gain confidence and begin to embody positivity in the way you speak, act and behave. Other people begin to notice the change and treat you differently. Soon, your life will take on renewed shape as you decide how you think, feel and react.
Just as we become what we habitually think about, we can intentionally change our reality by what we choose to focus upon. It’s the classic “glass half empty or half full” concept. I think most of us want to be more happy and positive, but we are stuck in the rut of seeing the bad before we acknowledge the good.
But we can break that habit by repetitive reinforcement of what we choose to see. That’s why half of the Manifest Your Best™ Everyday planner/journal is dedicated to journaling about your successes. Finding something to celebrate every day keeps you focussed on the positive. It reminds us of all of the good that we do, and the good around us everyday.
And as you begin to embrace positive attributes, you will discover even more things that you can feel good about.
We attract into our life experience what emotions we CHOOSE to experience. We do this consciously or unconsciously, by attracting to us matching vibrations as to what we put out into the universe. By harnessing this principle you can manifest all kinds of amazing goals and dreams.
Like gravity or magnetic energy, this principle is always working whether we know it or not. To describe how, I will use a cell phone as an example. Cell phones use an energy form that is invisible to the human eye, yet we know that when we dial a phone number, it sends out a radio wave signal that, through some amazingly complicated technology, connects to our intended recipient.
Manifesting your goals by harnessing the power of your intentions uses a similar energetic principle. And just like a cell phone, the good news is that we don’t have to know HOW it works to make it work FOR us!
You can attract the circumstances and situations that you desire by transmitting similar “frequencies” to your desires. And the “device” that you use to transmit these frequencies is something I call "Think/Feel."
Think/Feel is the combination of A) what we think; and B) our emotional processing of these thoughts. The combination creates a frequency, like a phone number.
If you dial your friend, Joe’s cell number, you expect that you will connect to Joe. Likewise, with your Think/Feel, whatever you think/feel will connect to you. The universe does not judge, edit or censure so what you put out in the universe will be returned to you.
We fail to connect to our goals when we hold misaligned emotions about them.
Perhaps we don’t believe they can achieve them or we fail to apply consistent positive energy towards them. When our think/feel does not match our goals, it’s like dialing a wrong phone number; the universe cannot connect, the goal won’t manifest.
Shaping your Think/Feel is vital to manifesting your best life.
With the Manifest Your Best™ Everyday planner/journal, we document our thoughts and emotions, training our think/feel vibrations exactly how we want to experience them, and through consistent repetition, develop stronger emotional resonance (ie connections) to our goals. As you begin to experience success, you become more mindful of your thoughts and the all-important emotional connection to them. You will no longer allow negativity to contaminate your emotional state. You will become more sensitive to the energy of your surroundings and the energy of others that you associate with. You will realize all of these things impact your think/feel state and ultimately your reality.
If you truly desire authentic change, then first begin with how you feel about your goals. Practice dialing in to your desired emotional state by envisioning and FEELING success as if it's already yours. Like any other muscle, you can strengthen your manifesting power with practice!
Intentional action is like waving your hand through water; ripples that become waves that make up the ocean... your deliberate actions activate the universe’s vibrations and a matrix of new opportunities are drawn into your life.
In order to actualize your goals you must take action.
Consistent, deliberate movement in the direction of your dreams! It is as powerful and simplistic as anything I can share with you. Daily action, even tiny baby steps, will eventually get you where you want to be. So always, in all ways, move towards your goals.
Conversely, thinking about your goals but not taking action is like revving an engine without engaging the gears to move forward. You will burn out your manifesting energy! Find a way to move forward, even if it’s not exactly what you planned. The process is rarely perfect. There will be detours, necessary adjustments or delays, that’s part of the journey. Just keep learning and changing as you go.
When manifesting your goals, any kind of movement is always improvement!
With the Manifest Your Best Everyday™ planner/journal, you will celebrate each and every step along the way, motivating you to keep achieving. Empowered by your accomplishments, you discover the confidence to reach for even more than you previously thought possible.
You'll begin to view life as an amazingly complex yet simply magical miracle that it is! ~Kat
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