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Your soul's mate is beyond the exterior. Look within.

Your soul's mate is beyond the exterior. Look within.

Look beyond the exterior to find real connections.
Day after day, she toiled from sunrise to sunset, her only value was what she did for Others. There was no love, no time for it. She wasn't cuddled or treasured. As a beast of burden she was expected to tow the line under the heavy obligation of doing the Other's work.
The Other's judged them to be an unusual couple. She, painfully shy and he, exuberantly outgoing. But together their souls hummed a beautiful melody.
One day, a new little beast was brought to the farm. He was quirky, quick, and playful. His only purpose was to amuse, a job that was easy enough yet underneath his zany antics he longed for more.
At the end of a long, hot day of work, she looked forward to his antics meant to cheer her up. His spirit lightened hers. Like a blanket being lifted, allowing her tender soul to grow and blossom. And her soulful quiet gave him space to reveal his ponderings, her kind eyes saw him as more than just a clown. She saw his soul beyond the exterior.
Despite the restrictions imposed by the Others, they treasured their moments together, however brief. For those precious interchanges left an indelible mark on their hearts which they carried for the rest of their life.
I believe in soulmates, that we have many over the course of a lifetime. However short- or long-lived, we meet people who change the course of our lives. In order to fully appreciate our life journey, we must treat these exchanges as sacred connections to our divine soul experience.
If we look at the "interchanges of soul" instead of defining it as romantic, platonic, friendship, frenemy, etc. we begin to understand the importance of each as a fiber woven into the fabric of our lives. Some of our most challenging relationships are mates of our souls, as they teach us the most important lessons of all, like respect, boundaries, etc.
If you are truly looking for more meaning in life, I encourage you to look beyond the exterior. Look into the soul instead. There, we can discover depths, and perspectives, and new experiences that can alter our own definitions of Self. When we are not limited by Other's standards (society, friends, family) we just may find our truth, a new path, a journey mate. ~Kat
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