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Interactive Mural to Keep Kiddos Busy and Inspired.

Interactive Mural to Keep Kiddos Busy and Inspired.

I was commissioned to create a mural in the waiting room of Catalpa's new facility which opened summer of 2020. It spanned a 25' long wall (far right on the concept rendering, below).
This facility serves children of all ages, so the mural needed to be interesting for teens all the way down to toddlers. We also wanted it to be representative of Catalpa's special mission and unique, creative spirit.
I chose the theme, "It's your story to write" to communicate a meaningful, inspirational message for kids struggling with difficult life situations ... that they have within the power of their imagination to envision a better life and with new skills developed through counseling, learn to self-advocate, articulate and flourish.
Sprinkled throughout the drawing are quotes and inspirational words among intricate details. This provides plenty of new discoveries no matter how many times you see the mural!
Here is the entire mural. I hand-drew it at 100% size, which took approximately one month to complete. Then it was printed out like wallpaper and applied over a metal-cladded wall.
I created a whole cast of colorful characters, which were printed out on magnetic paper so that they would "stick" to the wall.
With cute little costumes that, like paperdolls, could dress up the character magnets.
And fun vehicles to take the characters on all kinds of adventures!
And even a few camping items for nice relaxing play!
And then we purchased word poem magnets from an Etsy maker
For endless hours of imaginative play for kiddos of all ages!
Do you have a mural or other creative project that you need help with?
Call me at (920) 420-3194   ~Kat
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