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Find Time to Do More in Your 24 Hours.

Find Time to Do More in Your 24 Hours.

Do you ever wonder where the time goes? Do you find yourself amazed (and maybe a little envious) of people who accomplish so much while you never seem to have enough time?
The truth: nobody gets more than 24 hours every day!
The difference is how we spend our allotment of time! This worksheet helps you understand where your time is going and if your priorities are getting the appropriate amount of focus. It is eye-opening to see where time is “leaking” with nonproductive or unimportant things. Once you become aware of your time expenditure, you can make intentional choices that support your goals.
Make 8 (or more) copies of this worksheet (drag it onto your device and print).
1) CREATE YOUR IDEAL DAY: Fill out the first one exactly how you want to spend your day. Include every activity that takes more than 15 minutes. Include sleeping, leisure, personal hygiene. Since every day may not be the same, feel free to fill out more than one (for example, a separate one for weekends).
2) CAPTURE REAL DATA: Take the remaining 7 worksheets and for the next 7 days, carefully document how you ACTUALLY spend your time, being very
mindful to fill it out accurately with as much description as possible.
3) ALIGN THEM: After you have a week’s worth of worksheets, compare them to your first sheet. Can you see where you may be spending time on things that are not supporting your goals? Does it provide inspiration to cut out the nonproductive activities so you have more time (and energy) to pursue the things that matter?
You may realize that your “ideal day” is not realistic or sustainable. With this information you can adjust it to accommodate reality (for example, skimping on sleep may leave you exhausted and susceptible to getting sick which then really screws up your schedule).
Remember REST and RECUPERATION is equally important to productivity.
Achieving your goals should be energizing. You might get physically or mentally tired during busy weeks but they shouldn’t emotionally EXHAUST you. If you feel depleted, consider where you are overdoing it, and fill your love tank!
The goal of this worksheet is to shed TRUTH about your priorities. It’s more than OK to realize you don’t actually want to make time for a certain goal. Learn to rid your mindset of “shoulda, coulda, woulda’s” that don’t really make you happy! If, after using the 24-hour worksheet, you decide you don't really want to make time or rearrange your schedule to fit a new goal or activity, congratulate yourself! Because it's just as important to get REAL about your willingness to work on a goal as it is to pursue it. In order to manifest powerfully, you must have authentic desire to chase it which requires prioritization and focussed energy.
Living your best life means creating one that is uniquely suited to you!
Resist comparing it to anyone else’s. Stay focussed on your priorities.
Nobody is perfect, reality is rarely ideal. Just keep trying and practice
what you want to perfect.
I've used this worksheet myself for years. I especially lean on it when I am considering a new goal that requires some big commitments, to answer the following questions: Do I have the appropriate time to work on this big goal? Am I willing to MAKE time by eliminating other less-productive activities? Will these changes to my schedule impact the lifestyle of my friends and family? Am I willing to ask for their help, which might including adjusting their schedule? Will they support me or do I need to find support elsewhere?
I used to declare my goals impulsively. But now I've learned to first consider my TRUE intentions and willingness to implement the changes necessary for success, which includes utilizing the 24-hour worksheet and using the questions above to determine my REAL chances of making it happen.
Try it, and please share your experiences, insights and questions with me. You can email them to ~Kat
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