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Knowing what opportunities to pursue by first understanding your inner motivations.

Knowing what opportunities to pursue by first understanding your inner motivations.

I’ve made a very successful life by making my own way in the world. Carving a unique path hasn’t always been easy but in the challenges I’ve learned that I am much more capable than I think. There’s a lot of things that have opened doors for me along the way, but I think the most important is knowing which doors I wanted to open.
Whether you are trying to figure out your career path, develop a unique skill or talent or manifest anything, getting to your core WHY will clarify your path.
Because the stronger we feel about our goals, the truer our aim becomes, and the quicker we can manifest them!
Here’s why:
Decisions are like a matrix – changing the course of our life in multitude of ways with every action we take, energetically bringing to us more opportunities with each movement. We can change our life by making decisions that support our present and future. Many of us get stuck though. We don’t “know” how to make the appropriate decision.
Actually, I kindly disagree. I believe we usually KNOW, deep down inside, but we are just afraid of the answer. So we bury it under layers of doubt, fear, and negative self-speak until our truths are obliterated. Our vision becomes obscured, decisions so blurry that it’s like driving on an unfamiliar road in a blinding snowstorm!
Goals are much clearer when we apply meaning to them.
When we shed light on our truths, our decision-making becomes more obvious. Answers come quicker when we can ask the right question.
Things are more meaningful when we can honestly articulate our Why.
Journalling is one of my top daily habits that have made a difference in my life.
I highly encourage it!
Here’s a journal exercise to help you understand your truths:
Pick any decision, goal, or problem you are struggling to resolve.
Journal about it.
Ask WHY it is important to you.
Journal about the answer(s) for your WHY.
Then, for each answer, ask WHY it is meaningful to you.
Continue to delve deeper and deeper into your WHY’s by questioning each answer until at some point you will FEEL that you’ve hit upon the TRUTH.
You know when you hit home. Truth feels like: relief, sorrow, rage, or any other emotion in-between. It elicits an eruption of feelings because it's usually been buried for so long. Or it's like a sense of recognition (AHA Moment). Allow yourself to see and feel the truths. Process them intellectually, emotionally, spiritually.
Getting CLEAR about your reasons for wanting something is super important to manifesting it. It’s like a light at the end of a tunnel, illuminating the way.
Understanding your true "WHY" replaces fear and confusion with clarity and confidence.
As you can truthfully understand your motivations and strengths, and weaknesses, and begin to accept each because you feel the truth behind it. When you understand WHY you want something, you begin to make better decisions that support it.
Sometimes that means you realize the goal that you were struggling with, isn’t really something that you truthfully want. What a relief to be able to set aside unimportant goals in order to chase the things that really matter!
I’ve used this process of understanding my WHY in all areas of my life: determining my career choices; personal health goals; selecting my life partner!
The more I understand myself, the better I am at being present in my life, making decisions for those things that truly matter to me. ~Kat
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