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Get your money mindset right

Get your money mindset right

Many of us were raised with preconceived notions about wealth, success and money. For some it’s an exciting, fascinating topic but for many, it’s a tangled web of conflicting emotions.
Money is necessary and wealth provides additional benefits. Money pays the bills, but wealth provides opportunities for our family and friends, and allows us to enjoy our life. With wealth, we can support good causes, sponsor others who are less fortunate, and donate to charities. There is so much good that can be done with it!
However, many of us were taught that “money is the source of evil,” or that wealthy people are greedy and selfish. Even if we desire wealth it alludes us because of the resistance we hold towards it.
Here is a very basic truth about manifesting more wealth and abundance in your life: You cannot attract what you don’t like.
Or feel ambivalent or uncertain about. Or fear. If you truly desire success you have to get your head and heart right about it. You've got to create a positive relationship with your goals and desires.
To gain a clear understanding where you currently stand in your money mindset, let’s look at your thought patterns about wealth. Journaling is a great way to freely explore your psyche and emotions. Here are some writing prompts:
While growing up, what were you told about wealth?
What’s your earliest or most impactful memory about money?
Did your family view wealthy people through a certain stereotypical viewpoint
or have direct experience that contributed to their opinion?
How has that inherited thought pattern affected your mindset?
What part of it do you want to change? Why?
How would making this change affect your current money situation? Your future?
Once you understand how your inherited thought patterns affect you, then you can begin to intentionally improve your relationship to money, prosperity and wealth.
I have two ways to do so; physically and metaphysically.
Find mentors who currently have what you desire. They can be friends, associates, or people who you’ve never actually met but follow on social media or the like. Find people who are using their prosperity in ways that you admire. Listen to their advice or watch their ways, but mostly, absorb their energy! Feel what they feel when they are relating to wealth.
There is an aura about prosperity and embrace it.
Find ways to experience it in your own life even in small ways, enjoy every moment when you feel a similar sense of well-being. I remember experimenting with this concept while I was a single mother raising three kids by myself. Although there never was enough money or time, I knew I was meant for greater things! As I associated with others who had more of what I wanted (prosperity), I watched how they related to it. I noticed that they spent time every day...
improving a part of life for themselves or for others.
I listened to their tales of victories but I was surprised how they openly shared stories about their mistakes along the way. The humility was genuine because they also understood they had the courage to overcome their foibles. I soaked up their confidence and optimism. That’s the physical and emotional feelings of prosperity I wanted to incorporate into my own reality.
I began by improving my surroundings. I decluttered and made my environment more orderly. I developed daily habits of efficiency, health, and nurturing friendships with likeminded people. My finances began to improve as I gained control of my physical surroundings. Which in turn, began an even more magical aspect of creating abundance...
As I continued to notice the “ways of the wealthy” I began to realize an intangible element… something that took me a while to comprehend because although it doesn’t have physical shape, it certainly impacts our reality.
It seemed that the wealthy were “lucky” in ways I wasn’t ... like opportunity shined down upon them. I thought that they were confident and optimistic because of this so called “luck.” But I’ve learned that its actually the other way around!
Maintaining a positive outlook opens us to more opportunities
to experience good things.
I learned that “like” attracts “like.” We bring into our reality what we expect to find. If you want prosperity, believe it's yours already! I made a little sign that I display where I can see it every day.
For almost two decades, it has been a constant reminder of what I CHOOSE to seek and what I CHOOSE to see all around me! It reminds me that there is an abundance of everything available at all times. It has manifested a life of plenty in all kinds of ways, more than I ever imagined, certainly wealth and prosperity included.
To get your mind right about money, explore your relationship to wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Find ways to enjoy the physical and metaphysical aspects of seeing and creating abundance in the world.
Your rightful prosperity is there, waiting for you to receive it. ~Kat
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